Library is the backbone of an educational institution. The college has a well maintained and well stocked library. It has adequate number of books, periodicals, journals, magazines and e-books which the students can access whenever required. The library follows an open access system.

Psychology Lab

For regulating experiments in the field of psychology the department has fully-furnished lab structure.The lab has all the required material like psychometric and psychological tools for conducting heterogeneous observations.

Art and Craft

The Patrician College For Women also gives attention to the creativity. It instigates girls to explore their visionary in the sphere of artistry.

Dance Room

Dance is a way of moving the body as an instrument of expression and communication.The college impart the girls to exhibit their dexterity in dance.It also teaches them to learn teamwork, focus and improvisational skills.

Girls Common Room

To facilitate our female students the college has entrenched voluminous and comfortable common room.This place has been designed to give girls a place to relax, study and have an open discussion in their free time.

Delany Hall

This facility was built to be used for miscellaneous purposes like cultural enrichments, conferences, debating, seminars etc. The wooden platform amplify the beauty of the delany hall where varied talents are displayed.


Sports play an indispensable role in the demonstration of one’s character. The Patrician College For Women bestow with an opportunity of having wide range of games for girls. These incorporate both the indoor as well as the outdoor sports. The games include chess, table tennis, cricket, badminton and many more.The college also encourages the girls to come up with new propositions on games which can be introduced in the college.


I.T Lab

Coordinator Room

Meeting Room