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Health and Physical Centre

Friday 1 November – Friday 23January 2017
Health and Physical Centre
The college has a fully furnished health and physical resource centre to provide all possible opportunities to the students to excel in sports. The main objective of this resource centre is to provide the students with sufficient resources and to create an environment which infuses in
the student the spirit of sportsmanship. It aims to develop professional competence through physical culture and to develop an appreciation for sports and games.Patrician College For Women has excellent sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games. The college has a field for football, hockey and volley ball. It also has facilities for basketball, badminton and a ground for all the track and
field events, Physical culture and sportsmanship is envisaged in the college by providing ample facilities for games.
Regulatory Bodies
The college is affiliated to Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University. The other statutory bodies are the relevant bodies of Government of Uttarakhand.

In 2011 Patrician co-organised a Conference on Enhancing Public Understanding of Health Research, which resulted in the formation of the International Network for Enhancing Understanding of Health Research.