The vision of the College is to build a vibrant and inclusive learning community in a culture of excellence sustained by a sound value system that promotes responsible citizenship and effects social change.We will instill in are ladies the perdurable values which will aide them to bloom their true prospective to the optimal.We will strive for stimulating rather than dominating.


The mission of the College is to empower young women to face the challenges of life with courage and commitment, to be builders of a humane and just society, and to promote a learning community in which all, especially those from less privileged background, feel part of the collaborative high quality educational process which is value based and leads to holistic growth.

To realise this vision and accomplish its mission, the College has set the following objectives:

  • to develop in the College, a community of individuals endowed with intellectual curiosity, and an eagerness for lifetime learning, who will use knowledge creatively for social transformation
  • to form women of character, with sound moral principles and integrated personalities
  • to instill in the students a sense of national pride and appreciation of Indian traditions and cultures
  • to create awareness among students about current socioeconomic, political and cultural issues and to denounce all forms of oppression relating to class, caste and gender
  • to sensitise students to environmental issues, thus motivating them to promote ecological justice and sustainable development
  • to establish a link between the institution and policy makers through collaborative research leading to social development.